Wear is defined as the progressive loss or unwanted removal of material from a surface. Wear plates are expendable items that are used to prevent excessive wear or damage to expensive equipment. Wear plates, which are subjected to high loads, are important components in some metalworking machinery. These plates are also known as wear parts because they are expected to wear, can easily be replaced.

Sanweld’s long lasting wear plates with full steel backing or extruded aluminium profiles are all-around wear protection that can be tailor-made to fit most applications, from light to extra heavy duty.


Wear plates are used to prevent damage to the main machinery due to abrasion or impact and to increase the life of the machine. Machines or components that might require wear plates are:

  • Crushers
  • Chutes
  • Fan Blades
  • Shredders
  • Wear Blades
  • Choppers
  • Scrappers
  • Casting Equipment
  • Mining Tools
  • Chippers
  • Feeders
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Cement Mill Impeller

or any other component which is subjected to abrasion, impact or any other form of wear.


Wear PlateSuitable for Application :Alloy BasisHardness
SANWP 550Abrasion and impactC, Cr, Si, Mn55-60 HRc
SANWP 650Abrasion and impactC, Cr, Mn, B, W58-62 HRc
SANWP 750Abrasion and erosionC, Cr, Mn, Nb58-64 HRc
SANWP 950Severe abrasion and erosion at elevated temperaturesC, Cr, Mn, Nb, B, V, Mo, W60-65 HRc
SANWP 1250Severe abrasion and impactC, Cr, Mn, Ni, W, B58-62 HRc
SANWP 1650Extreme abrasionTungsten Carbide in Ni, Cr, B, Fe matrix58-66 HRc

Wear Plate Dimensions:

  • Base Plate Dimension: as per requirement
  • Base Plate Thickness: 5mm and above
  • Cladding Thickness: 3mm and above


  • Ability to cover large surface areas at relatively low cost;
  • Ease of cutting and forming to shape, installation and replacement by conventional fabrication technologies including drilling, bending, bolting and welding;
  • The full steel backing offers stability and allows safe installation using through bolts or stud welding;
  • Due to a long wear life, service intervals are longer, less maintenance is required and unscheduled breakdowns are avoided.


  • The wear resisting side of the SANWELD wear plate has smooth wide weld bands that are fused together to form an even, flat & continuous surface.
  • Due to concentration of stresses during the manufacturing process cracks develop at right angles to the surface and do not penetrate beyond the Carbide layer. These cracks are essential for stress relieving purposes.
  • These plates are usually cut by plasma arc, but can be cut with gouging / cutting electrodes and carbon arc as well.
  • Wear Plates can be fixed to the mother plate by welding, bolting or by the use of studs.